Thursday, March 04, 2004


"You don't get everything you want. A dictatorship would be a lot easier." Describing what it's like to be governor of Texas.(Governing Magazine 7/98)
-- From Paul Begala's "Is Our Children Learning?"

"I told all four that there are going to be some times where we don't agree with each other, but that's OK. If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator," Bush joked.
-- CNN.com, December 18, 2000

"A dictatorship would be a heck of a lot easier, there's no question about it, " [Bush] said.
-- Business Week, July 30, 2001


So It's Candidate Kerry 

Being a staunch Dean supporter it was at first hard for me to realize that Kerry would be our Candidate, however I accepted Reality and signed up at JohnKerry.com. I've done some research on Mr. Kerry and feel I can confidently support him, and will not be tempted by the Nader campaign.

I wish I had something more inspired to say, but I don't. All in all a crappy post!

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Some Political Theory on Church and State 

When lawmakers make our laws I believe they should judge those laws on one scale -- Their effect on the country and society. Not what is traditional, not what is in any Religious text, and not even what is wrong or right.

People should debate issues on their impact and ramifications only.

Government should not be our moral leaders, and not our upholders of tradition. That is the role of the Church. Government should NEVER impede on the role of Religion. This leads first to civil unrest as many people disagree about social and religious issues more diversely and passionately than other issues. When legislation is passed on these issues people are offended, and liberty is often impeded on.

Government should support the Church as the institution to regulate morals. While one might say this may lead to a secular Government, it should not necessarily lead to a secular society. Religion in America is important, but is slowly fading. As less people identify with religion we see more of a demand of many groups for laws based on tradition and religion. For Government to carry out it's role Religion most also carry on its. The role of Religion and Government in a society should be dependent on each other, but never overlap.

Friday, February 20, 2004

News And Views - like Larry King, but better 

This is just a mini-post. Scroll down to see my latest major post about Kerry and Edwards.

Bush to appoint Pryor to bench, bypassing Senate - He bypassed the people to win the election. He bypassed the Senate and declared war. He bypassed the UN and waged that war. Now this. He's the great Bypasser. (warning stupid pun coming up:) Let's pass him by in the next Election. Woo-a!

New Mexico county OKs same-sex marriage licenses - Good for them! I guess it's legal for sure, kinda, maybe. This just proves once again the state capitals can't ignore this any longer, I just hope that gays get the rights they deserve.

Nader to announce decision on 2004 bid - I actually support some of his positions in a water downed form, but he shouldn't run this year, at least not in away designed to seriously take away from the liberal vote, as mush as to raise issues. Besides I think most people who supported Nader last year won't vote for him this year simply because the stakes are too high.

Gibson father: Holocaust mostly 'fiction' - Wow, what a bigoted idiot!

A Letter To The Democrats Of The Remaining Primary States ... Vote For Edwards 

It's sad that the Democrats and Media have reduced the primary elections to be about who can beat Bush, and not who is the most able candidate with the best record. The irony about the Dems quest to pick the candidate with the most electability is that he may actually be one of the easiest for the Republicans to tarnish.

After Dean's screams out-shined his dreams, and the media raised the question - "Is this man electable?", his poll number plunged, and Kerry soared. Kerry is the elder statesmen, he is dignified with a long time of public service. However it may be the record from that public service that ultimately defeats him. If Dean was brought down by his gaffes and unscripted remarks, Kerry will be brought down by his past. Remember Dean seemed invincible just six weeks ago, we need to really examine Kerry in case he crashes when it counts.

I'm not saying that I wouldn't support Kerry, or don't agree with him on issues, but he does have a history of being all over different sides of issues. He also has some potential personal drawbacks, which in reality shouldn't really matter, but in a post-Lewinsky world they do, well at least for Democrats (remember folks no republican official did anything bad at anytime ever. Especially those in the Bush family).

Sean Hannity is already cherry picking issues and picking through the senators record with a fine toothed comb. The most startling point is that he apparently is crusading against special interest even though he's as guilty as anyone of taking money from them. I'm not going to get into a point for point analysis of his platform and record (if your interested just type in 'conservative propaganda election 04' in any search engine). Even tough some are exaggerating his weakness we must admit they are there.

We went into these primaries with an "Anybody But Bush" attitude than switched to an "Anybody That Can Beat Bush" attitude, and never spent anytime looking for an "Anybody Better Than Bush" solution.

honestly I'm a big Kerry fan, but will not be voting for him in March. And with Dean and Braun (yeah that's right Carol Mosely-Braun, you got a problem with that? Thought so) gone I will cast my primary ballot for John Edwards. He is pretty solid with his message, he gives the same speech everywhere. Edwards is young, bright, and gifted. He may be a 'Washington Insider' but only for a few years. He will appeal to the moderates more than Kerry, and has a background more people can connect with. Oh and he's Southern.

Edwards is not my dream candidate, but I believe he would make a fine President...with the right advisors. Of course I realize the reason I'm now pushing for Edwards is exactly the same reason we got into this mess in the first place ... He's not Bush, and I think he can beat him. And sadly this election year that's all that matters to me.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Obituary For A Revolutionary Campaign 

"Always remember, you have the power to take our country back." - Gov. Howard Dean

Howard Dean will forever go down in the annals of history not only for his cutting edge approach to campaigning and fund raising, but also for his revolutionary, bold message. While others in these primary elections fumbled around the issue, explaining why they now disdain action they voted for, and explaining their often contradictory record, Dean was out telling people what he was going to do, and he could back it up.

Dean wanted a balanced budget, he did it in Vermont.
Dean wanted civil unions, he did it in Vermont.
Dean wanted health care for our kids, he did it in Vermont.
Dean wanted to make welfare better, he did it in Vermont.
Dean wanted to be a respectable, successful leader of a government, he did it in Vermont.
etc. etc. etc.

And he didn't stop there either, he actually told us what he planned to do. He actually had a plan for the War on Terror -- fight terrorism, gasp, not Iraq, even if it means confronting Saudi Arabia. Ask John Kerry what he plans to do to fight terrorism, maybe by then he'll have absorbed this message from Dean too.

In fact, as Dean pointed out, his ideas will now be the ones the Democrats will run on in '04. He brought a spine and soul to Democratic party along with tons of new "Deaniac" Democrats. If a Democrat wins the Presidency Dean should be at the top of the thank you list!

Deans message went beyond politics too. He cared about this country and it's people. He cared about our since of Community. He had a plan for patriotism that didn't involve empty flag raising, and war.

"There is something about human beings that corporations can't deal with and that's our soul, our spirituality, who we are. We need to find a way in this country to understand--and to help each other understand--that there is a tremendous price to be paid for the supposed efficiency of big corporations. The price is losing the sense of who we are as human beings." - Gov. Howard Dean

He, along with former campaign manager Joe Trippi, created a plan for campaigning that will be copied for years. They took campaigns into the new millennium. Through Meetup.com and Deanforamerica.com he built his support. He went from a longshot with less than $200,000 in the bank to a record breaking fundraiser, mostly all through the internet. He has democratized fundraising, taking it away from $1000 plate dinners to regular desktops. He raised $41 million in a single year even before elections had started, and raised significant amount of it from voters under 30.

Even though defeated at the voting booth he won the first battle in the war for change.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Two Sides of the Gay Marriage Revolution/Fiasco in San Francisco 

Gay marriage is THE social issue right now, and it's bursting at the seems. First Vermont allowed civil unions in it's state. Than the President introduced a plan to add to the constitution a amendment that would ban Gay Marriage through out America. A short time later the Mass. Supreme Court said Gay marriage is legal in its state. Now gay marriage is actually happening in San Francisco. The bottom line is this is not an issue to be ignored anymore.

Gays and lesbians should be able to share the same rights as married people. If they devote their lives to each other they should enjoy the rights of spouse-hood. Banning benefits from gays is wrong. If gays uniting under the law in anyway is a crime, I ask who is the Victim? The Government is in no position to be the moral authority of this country. The question of whether homosexuality is a sin is a personal decision, a religious decision. Those who believe it is a sin though shouldn't block the rights of those who don't. That's a part of that lil old "separation of church and state" thing.

The Question to me isn't whether Homosexuals should share the rights of straight people, but rather how they should go about it.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is in fact breaking the law of California by allowing Gays to marry.
By pushing for gay marriage, and for the use of the term "marriage", they may be damaging their cause. Polls (and we know those are always right) have shown that more Americans are in favor of "civil unions" then "marriage". What the difference is, I'll never know. You'd think there main goal is to receive the rights they have been denied, they shouldn't care what those rights are called as long as they have them. Supporters of Gay union, or marriage, or spouse-hood, or wtf-ever should go through the legal methods of achieving their goal.

On The other hand though Marriage really isn't that holy right now. I grew up in a world of "Who Wants To Marry a Multi-millionaire", wife-swapping, J.Lo, popstar 55 hour nuptials, Ross "3x groom" Gellar on Friends, and most importantly a divorce rate hovering around 50%. Marriage is becoming less and less religious. So why deny it to Gays just because you're uncomfortably with them, especially if your willing to give them the same rights under a DIFFERENT name?

Furthermore as the Civil Rights Revolutions of the 60's proved sometimes it is necessary to use civil disobedience to achieve a goal such as this. The San Francisco experiment is important because it is bringing gay rights to the headlines, and people can no longer look away. We can not ignore this issue anylonger, it needs to be resolved, and Gays need to get those rights.


One Nipple...Alot of Controversy 

Apparently it takes two seconds of partially exposed nipple to make everyone realize there's a problem with sex on TV, however the response that followed was a misguided media storm of hoopla with out any chance of helpful recourse. As NFL, CBS, and MTV, execs tried to place the blame on each other, and talking heads on TV and radio complained about how parents shouldn't have to worry about turning on network TV to see sex, there was a much more important and relevant event occurring...Elimidate: Bikini Week 3!

For those who have never born witness to an episode of Elimidate it's basically like porn edited for TV. During bikini week a guy is paired off with four questionably hot girls and after a date is forced to eliminate one. Usually the fat girl goes first, the ugly one goes next, and the remaining two battle for the crown of 'World's Biggest Ho'. The guy picks which one s most likely to sleep with him that night, not looking for a future wife. Girls do everything to try and win the guy. They cat fight, take off their tops, and make out with the guy any chance they get. It turns sex and love into a competition in which the girl with the biggest stank factor wins.

The program is syndicated on my local WB (a network like CBS) affiliate at 10:30 pm. Just like the Super Bowl you don't have to pay cable fees to watch it, it's the broadcast through the publicly owned air waves. Kids can just as easily turn this on at night and witness two girls triple kissing a guy they meet two hours ago, in a hot tub. Seeing a pierced nipple for two seconds isn't going to make the teenage pregnancy rate go up, it's not going to increase the number of AIDS cases, but growing up in a world in which fantasy shows like Elimidate can lead to children thinking that the kind of behavior on the show is acceptable can lead to an overall more skanky society.

I didn't find the Super Bowl halftime show offensive; I just thought it was stupid, out dated, and confusion. The problem with the uproar is that when you tie a movement to one event (in this case one nipple) people son forger it, no change will come to the standards on TV. I don't advocate censorship or eliminating content that every prude finds offensive, but there is a limit and a certain amount of taste that should be enforced.

HEY YA! It's my first post! 

Now seems like as good of time as ever to start a blog analyzing the American experience. We've got all sorts of problem, and I've got all sorts of opinions!! We have nipples at the Super Bowl, idiots on both sides of the isle in Congress, quickie pop star weddings in Las Vegas, turmoil in the Middle East, controversial movies about Christ in the cinema, Bush Jr. in the White House, reality shows on TV, and all sorts of subjects that would make any opinionated person crazy not to talk about!!

I hope to bring a unique, thoughtful, refreshing ideas about all that's abuzz in the world. Yes I am a proud Liberal, but not the knee-jerk liberal you may be used to seeing on the top of the NY times Best Seller. I don't want to drop down to the levels of the Anne Coulturs and Al Frankins or the Sean Hannitys and the... oh wait that's right there aren't any liberals on Radio (at least where I live).

In any event I hope you enjoy my blog. Sometimes it may be humorous, other times it may be angry, but I know it will always be right! ... in my mind anyways
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